About TriCities Parenting API

TriCities Parenting, API is a non-profit parental support group that is affiliated with Attachment Parenting International (API). We offer a supportive environment for the discussion of parenting issues relating to pregnancy, nutrition, sleep, discipline, affection, child care, and marriage.

The mission of API is to educate and support all parents in raising secure, joyful, and empathic children in order to strengthen families and create a more compassionate world. API promotes science-based parenting practices that create strong, healthy emotional bonds between children and their parents.

Attachment Parenting is a positive, loving, empathic style of parenting with the goal of fulfilling the child’s need for the trust, empathy and affection necessary to create healthy attachments and secure, enduring relationships. The ‘tools,’ or methods, of Attachment Parenting are means of achieving this goal rather than ends unto themselves.

Attachment Parenting isn't "new". It is in many ways a return to the instinctual behaviors of our ancestors. In the last 60 years, the behaviors of attachment parenting have been studied extensively by psychology and child development researchers, and more recently, by researchers studying the brain. This body of knowledge offers strong support for areas that are key to the optimal development of children, summarized in API's Eight Principles of Parenting.

Attachment Parenting challenges us as parents to treat our children with kindness, respect and dignity, and to model in our interactions with them the way we would like for them to interact with others.